Literature of captivity: The Book of Prison Interview with Nasser Mohajer

Interview by Ardeshir Mehrdad

Book Review
Nasser Mohajer, Voices of a Massacre: Untold Stories of Life and Death in Iran, 1988
Oneworld Publications, 2020

First and foremost, to record what we have lived through. I think as Iranian intellectuals that we have to record all corners of this experience whenever we can, and to record what happened to us over the last two decades as a people. This in itself is an important task. When it comes to prisons, well it is such a crucial experience. So little has been written on this important experience. A vital task for those who challenge despotism is to fight against forgetfulness. Despotism feeds on forgetfulness. A cornerstone of resistance is to resist forgetting which motivated us to record the defiance of the tens of thousands, nay hundreds of thousands who stood face to face with the Islamic Republic and resisted. The prison books are a contribution to the struggle against collective amnesia. […]

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