Nasser Rahimkhani

naser-rahimkhaniNasser Rahimkhani was born in 1948 in Dezful, Khuzestan Province. He graduated from Pahlavi High School in Dezful in 1967 and was accepted to the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Tehran the same year, where he came into contact with leftist ideas.
In his third year at the university, he was arrested as a member of “The Palestine Group” and was tried at a Military Tribunal. He was one of a group of 18 who was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment in 1970.
He was released from prison in 1977 and after a visit by to Evin jail by Amnesty International observers.
He joined the Organization of the Peoples Fada’i Guerillas and participated in the February Revolution of 1979.With the intensification of the repression in 1983, he and his family left Iran clandestinely and settled in France as political refugees. He has been residing in Stockholm, Sweden since 1991.
In exile he immersed himself in studying Iranian contemporary history and literature. His many articles have been published in an array of Persian language journals in exile including Arash, Baran and Noghteh.
His outstanding book Republicanism in Iran and its historical roots was published by BARAN, Sweden 2004. Since 2010, he has been a regular contributor to the publications of Noghteh Resources on Iran and his historical studies and researches have surfaced in a number of edited volumes including The Road not taken (2017) and Bagher Momeni: A political and Intellectual Life (2019).

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