Revisiting Theoretical Questions Concerning the Iranian Feminist Movement

revisiting-theoretical-questions-concerning-ifmThe pamphlet “Reviewing the Theoretical Discussions of the Women’s Movement at Conferences of the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation” is based on Mahnaz Matin’s talk at the 30th Conference of IWSF (Florence, Italy, 2019). The conference, entitled “Three Decades of Experiences and Challenges,” was dedicated to reviewing and evaluating nearly 30 years’ experience of IWSF. This review looks at how Islamic Shari’a, the Islamic government, and its engagement in the systematic discrimination against women are discussed in these conferences. Considering the characteristics of the Iranian government in establishing the laws and determining the social relations, particularly in the case of women, under the rubric of applying sharia of Shia Islam, this evaluaon is of undeniable importance to Iran’s feminist movement. The author has reviewed and analyzed the three main trends among Iranian feminists; secular, leftist, and reformist, and explained their views.

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