Noghteh Review No. 1


Intellectuals and the revolution • The dictators and the clowns • The enlightening • What is Enlightenment • The dust of life • The notion of time and some deductions • Yugoslavia and the new nationalism • Organizational violation • The ruined nest • Chaghlayan Hotel • The burned • The tasks of novelist • Miguel Marmol • The little world of Martine Issacson • Alas • What is my ending • The nights and the dogs • Thirteen years after your execution • So Zahhak is the King of Universe.

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Noghteh Review No. 2


Revisiting Kasravi’s murder after fifty years • Ahmad Kasravi, an uncompromising reformer • History and politics • A reflection upon historical cognition • The composition of silence • The psychology of torture • The Iranian revolution, the nation and nationalism • Behind the death of stained walls of prison • The mystery of the garden • A brief encounter • This is your poet • Sui • Dancing in the moonlight • My stone butterflies • The new year’s eve butterfly • Hedayat’s “Hadji Agha” in France • A review of “French Testimony” • Poetry • A man, a woman, a nightmare.

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In Exile

Edited by Nasser Mohajer In Exile (Twenty-Three Iranian Short Stories)In this collection, 23 Iranian writers who accepted the call-for-entries by Nasser Mohajer, have recounted stories of life under the theocratic regime of Iran and why people were forced to leave their country and loved ones to seek political asylum in…

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