Dr. Mahnaz Matin

Dr Mahnaz MatinMahnaz Matine is a medical doctor resident in Paris. She is active on women’s rights issues started these activities in 1984 with the Democratic Committee of Iranian Women, which later became the Awakening Society. She is amongst the founders and members of the Editorial board of the Noghteh Publishers and journal, which started operating in 1995. Her writings on the women’s movement of Iran have appeared in the Noghteh journal and other publications (such as Arash, Iran Nameh, Baran, and Ghahnameh) and Internet websites. She is one of the editors of the “Goriz Nagozir” (The Inescapable Escape), published in 2008, which consists of 30 narratives of escape from the Islamic Republic. Together with Nasser Mohajer, Mahnaz Matin researched and edited the two-volume “Khisesh Zanan Iran dar Esfand 57” (The Iranian Women Uprising, March 8th 1979).

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