Farideh Zebarjad

larzehaTremblings (Memoir)
Tremblings captures the author’s life experiences in the 80’s and 90’s; But at same time, her life resembles the lives of many women of her generation. A young generation who lived the experience of the 1979 Revolution with immense passion, but soon became disillusioned by the outcome of the Revolution.
In the introduction to the book, the author writes: “I was lost. To find myself, I was knocking on every door. I had to write about me, the person who had been lost … the result is what you see before you. These bits and pieces of writings are based on intuition; the overwhelming issues that I had been apparently grappling with for many years, were yearning for an outlet to be expressed… why this form of expression? How consciously did I select this form? I only know whenever I write a letter, I use the same style.”

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