The Inescapable Escape – Volume 1

Edited by Cyrus Javidi, Mahnaz Matine, Nasser Mohajer, Mihan Rousta

goriz1The Inescapable Escape (Thirty Narratives of Fleeing the Islamic Iran)
Book 1

In this two-volume book, thirty men and women of all ages and walks of life with diverse political and religious believes talk about their motivations for fleeing Iran. The protagonists have fled Iran through different borders, seeking asylum in different countries.
The editors and compilers of these amazingly authentic and awakening stories hope to contextualize and pass on the experience of inescapable escape of the older generation to new ones in the hope of preventing historical amnesia and not letting bitter memories and dark days be forgotten.

goriz2The Inescapable Escape (Thirty Narratives of Fleeing the Islamic Iran)
Book 2

Many left-leaning and non-leftist activists, writers, poets, intelectuals, but also followers of different religious persuasions such as Zoroastrians, Christians, Jews, Bahai’s and those who hoped for freedom and the rule of law had to leave Iran soon after the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This explains the diverse character of the Iranian Diaspora.
The art work of renowned Iranian Artist, Ario Mashayekhi, depicting moments of displacement has rendered the two volumes of The Inescapable Escape, a rare character.

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